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Sweat and the The Gilded Six-Bits; patience Essays -

Sweat and the The Gilded Six-Bits; patience Zora Neal Hurston was an amazingly talented writer, not just a good female, good black, or good for the time, writer. She was able to blend together the vernacular with an artistic and articulate prose to illustrate the lives of her characters. Hurston was a very important writer for African Americans, her use of phonological "black vernacular" or dialect wasn't a ground breaking or innovative idea, but it allowed her to cast a more realistic light on her characters. For they are real on the page, they each have their own sounding voice, and they each have character flaws. She is rather successful with Sweat and The Gilded Six-Bits in creating authentic feeling stories. If you were to analyze Zora Neal Hurston's short story Sweat you could see several different possible themes to focus on. The first theme I picked up on was an early form of feminism; she works, manages her finances, and built her own home. Obviously, she had been beautiful when he was younger, Walter Thomas said that she was a "pritty lil trick." Although she has been brutally victimized by her husband throughout their fifteen year relationship she's still able to pull an iron skillet on him in the beginning of the story, after he scared her with his whip and messed with her clothes. This single act of defiance changed her life with Sykes, "It cowed him and he did not strike her as he usually did." This could be a story of vengeance, I don't personally feel that this is what Zora meant for the story. Hurston foreshadows that Sykes will get what he deserves at the end when Delia mumbles to herself, "Oh well, whatever goes over the Devil's back, is got to come under his belly." Also, the act of scaring Delia with the whip could have foreshadowed his ultimate death by the bite of a rattlesnake. You could imagine that Delia purposely allowed for Sykes to die, but I like to think that she really was too scared to move. The story could be read where one could focus on the racial aspects of the story where Sykes hates the fact that Delia works for white people. She is the "good" person in the tale who labors for white people, and he is the "evil" man who hates whitey. I don't think this the direction Hurston had in mind for Sweat. He was just plain evil, race had little to do with the kind of man he was. The Gilded Six-Bits, is an entirely different story than Sweat. In Sweat there is a disequilibrium in the relationship from the beginning of the story with domestic violence, that eventually leads to Sykes cheating on Delia. In The Gilded Six-Bits, the main character Missy May, has a loving husband and a happy life, also, she cheats on her husband Joe. This story deals more with race, especially since Missy May had an affair with Slemmons, a white man. Slemmons wasn't just any white man, he was a rich white stranger from the north. Unlike in Sweat, where Sykes apparently had been beating on Delia enough to kill three women, Joe actually loves Missy May. The most telling scene of Joe's love for Missy May is when he comes home to find her chopping wood and he stops her, even though it could be Slemmons' child and not his. It is amazing that these two tales were written by the same person, the common theme I find between the two of them is that of patience. Patience truly is a virtue and in both of these stories, life gets better when one is patient. Sykes eventually dies a painful death, and Joe forgives Missy May

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Essay Sample on Barrack Obama Voting for the President

Essay Sample on Barrack Obama Voting for the President Can Barrack Obama be the next President of the USA? Barrack Obama is a Junior United States Senator from Illinois, and a running candidate for the Democratic Partys nomination for the 2008 Presidential elections against Hilary Clinton, ex-First wife of Ex-President Bill Clinton. Obama already broke boundaries as the fifth and current African-American serving in the US Senate. He graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. However, Obamas blackness was put in question because of his inheritance. His father came from Kenya and his mother is white American. This was put into question every time talks about America being ready for a Black president emerge. As with the pros and cons, Obamas political agendas are not any different from Clintons platform. It’s just that he is Black and male, and Clinton is white and female. Both are banking on their weakness points (Black and Female) to arouse vote sympathies and to prove that one can go beyond his or her weakness point to serve the great country of America, if he or s he would be elected President. Obama being black however rouses more questions instead of sympathies for him. Recent polls showed Clinton being 40 points higher than him. However, when it comes to black polls, Obama leads Clinton with a sweeping 24 points, but this is in the Black community. Nonetheless, a survey among Black citizens whether America is ready for a Black President showed that most of them dont believe that this is the time for it; or that they would live long enough to witness it. If Black citizens have this mindset, what more the White citizens? Part of Obamas problem with black voters is that he is viewed by whites as the first black candidate with a legitimate shot at the White House. When white America has embraced a candidate as they have with Barrack Obama there is a certain amount of distrust that goes with this among a number of African Americans, Wilson said ( The only advantage that can be seen once Obama wins Presidential election is having an educated man with an educated list of priorities and programs that if dealt with and completed thoroughly, United States would perhaps be still the greatest nation in the world. The drawback however, is the unprepared ness, still, of most Americans, as well as abroad in dealing with a Black President. There might be an issue of bias leaning towards the favor of Blacks and Whites may see it as threat (hopefully not leading for Civil War II). Nonetheless, in terms of readiness, America is ready, actually, but to exercise clearly that readiness through voting might still be impossible. Yes, they are open but somehow theres this secret power that keeps them from making their â€Å"open-mindedness† known through voting Obama for President. So we have seen the gradual maturing of an America which now accepts that Blacks can do more than play sports and entertain them. The reality is thateven though Blacks in positions of influence owe their success to the Thurgood Marshalls, Martin Luther Kings, Fannie Lou Hamers and Jesse Jacksonsthis success is not the alternative to civil rights activism. It is the result of civil rights activism, then and now. This does not mean racism no longer exists, and it certainly does not mean that all America will embrace a Black commander in chief. But it does mean that the climate is set for an active strategic minority to mobilize the majority to victory (Sharpton, 2007).

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Practicum Project Plan Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Practicum Project Plan - Term Paper Example The goal of this practicum project is to enhance learning. The goal statement, project objectives, evidence-based review of the literature, methodology, resources, formative evaluation, summative evaluation, and timeline of the project are outlined in this paper. There are two correlated goals that I will strive to accomplish in this practicum project. First, I will be able to demonstrate skills and competency in managing a diverse population of staff and patients at the end of the practicum experience. Secondly, I will be able to work within a complex system to develop leadership abilities appropriate for the management role of nursing coordinators or night supervisors. According to a Nurse Bedside Shift Report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (n.d), "Patient and family engagement creates an environment where patients, families, clinicians, and hospital staff all work together as partners to improve the quality and safety of hospital care" (p.3). In this regard, implementation of best practices that promote patient and family engagement is vindicated. Purposeful rounding, bedside reporting, and multidisciplinary rounding comprise of actions posited by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (n.d) to support patient and family engagement. In a study aimed at scrutinizing the effects of communication cited by Dingley, Daugherty, Derieg, and Persing (n.d), open communication and teamwork were found to contribute significantly to the achievement of affirmative results. This shows that utilizing open communication and working in multidisciplinary teams in implementing best practices, in conformity with the project methods, is als o defensible. Conducting an evaluation will also be important in the practicum project. As explicated by Black (2010), evaluation helps distinguish practices that achieve their anticipated objectives from those that have failed. Evaluation will therefore help identify best practices that have