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The childrens hospital impatient pharmacy Essay Example for Free

The childrens hospital impatient pharmacy Essay My next site visit was in the childrens hospital impatient pharmacy . It was so exciting for me since it was my first hospital visit . It was so exciting to experience a different type of pharmacy practice since I am considering that my future job be at a hospital pharmacy. I showed more interest here compared to the other practices that I have attended. I started my first visit to the site on the 13th which is a Thursday. The first day, I was taken by my GPS to a totally different address. Lucky for me that I exited the school a little sooner than usual so I had enough time to look for the hospital. It was not fun looking for the right way to the hospital fro m my lost location especially that I am not a good driver under stress. To put the story, I got to my site visi on time. Thank God! It was totally new work, yes—I mean the hospital . Wow! All the doors to the pharmacy needs a special pass code. After I entered the pharmacy, I introduced myself with the preceptor who was not the same person that was introduced to me from the school. She explained how the whole fully automated pharmacy system functions. I should admit that I did not understand half of the things she said. It was like I was in a totally new world. A world that is half free of human help—distributing medication was through the help of an automated machine. My preceptor introduced me with the staff in the pharmacy. It was such a big pharmacy that was combined with parental and compounding pharmacy which provided the need of the hospital for any medication . Karen, my preceptor showed me the actual work around the pharmacy. She explained to me the system of drug delivery around the hospital. For each section of the hospital, a machine for dispensing drugs is mounted. It is equipped with a computer that is accessible for all hospital personnel. The pharmacist would enter the prescription on the computer system and the nurse would get the medication directly from the machine. This machine, the Medline also allow the nurse to return the medication if necessary. These machine are being refilled by the technicians 2 times every 24 hours. The pharmacy also designed a delivery tube that could deliver the prescription to and from any place in hospital. The delivery system is fast, free and accurate. After my brief introduction to the hospital and the medication delivery system, my preceptor assigned me to look for the expired medicines from the stock. It was much more medication than what the other pharmacies have on their shelves. I basically spent the rest of my first visit and second visit identifying the expired medication. It allowed me to see the individual medication through my own eyes and it helped me learn faster. On my third day, I was introduce to the out patient pharmacy of the hospital. It runs basically the same way as any other retail pharmacy that provided the out patient with their medication. It was so interesting for me to try different types of pharmacy experience. I always pictured myself with a pharmacy where the technicians count the pills and the pharmacists that check them. But now, I could see a whole new feature. A feature that is faster and a lot more accurate in dispensing medication. The best system that I experienced in this hospital would be the feature of the pharmacy . Looking at the whole system one more time, this system could be convenient for city .The automated dispensing machine replaces the retail stores.

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The Effects of Technology on the Right of Freedom of Speech

The Effects of Technology on the Right of Freedom of Speech Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democratic political and social institutions. It is responsible for the free flow of ideas and information to anyone who wishes to listen. Freedom of speech supports freethinking and sharing of thoughts, but along with these good characteristics there are also harmful ones. With the positive aspects such as art, journalism, and the pursuit of truth come negatives aspects such as pornography, gambling, and hate and shock sites. To continue with free speech people, must accept these negative aspects such as The Blackplague shock site, "The Blackplague", The contents of this site are repulsive, disturbing, and offensive to the majority of the population. There are countless pictures, texts, and videos of sex, death, and the most evil human behavior imaginable. No matter what is included in the site though, it is still a reflection of society and paints a picture of reality because of the people who maintain and contribut e to the site. The creators of this site use digital methods to spread their message and raise some questions about free speech and the Internet as a whole. Should the Internet be regulated and more government control take place or should the Internet not be regulated and allow disturbing material such as "The Blackplague" to be accessible to everyone including little children? These are major social questions that are being raised with major implications for the future attached to the answers. Technology has changed the issue of freedom of speech because it has changed the amount of access and overall information people have available to them today. Technology, such as the Internet, ha... ...iterate culture’s root metaphor, for the human mind"(pg. 11). Print-thinking’s boundaries cannot control digital thinking as print technologies regulations cannot control digital information. Hate and shock sites must be left uncensored because they defend a principle. They are one of the ugliest parts of that principle but they are still a very important and vocal part of it. Total freedom of speech is inevitable, as digital thinking will not tolerate boundaries because they are contradictory to its very nature of constant dynamic change. Works Cited Bolter, Jay David. Writing Space. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers. 1991 Gilster, Paul. Digital Literacy. Wiley Computer Publishing Landow, George P. Hypertext 2.0 Lanham, Richard A. The Electronic Word. University of Chicago Press. 1989 "The Blackplague". 12-2-98.

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JWT China Case Study Essay

I. Summary This case studies the business strategy and expansion of JWT China from the late 1990s to 2008. As part of one of the world’s largest marketing communications network, JWT China grew into one of the largest integrated communications companies in China operating from offices in various parts of the country. The case delivers a thorough history of and inclusive insights into China’s advertising industry and the challenges for foreign and domestic firms operating within a highly regulated media environment controlled by the Chinese government. Moreover, this case offers understandings and perceptions into the structure of the highly segmented Chinese consumers market, exploring the socio-economic disparities in income access as well as culturally determined consumer behavior across different regions and urban and rural areas. The case allows us to explore how these trends might impact JWT’s advertising and marketing strategies in the future and how to evaluate JWTâ €™s business expansion in China dealing with local and foreign competition. II. Problems and Situation: The biggest problem of JWT is how to adapt with China’s fast-growing economy and rapid rise of consumption. With the growing economy, there will be more competitors from both international and local areas. Therefore, JWT China has to strategize its expansion to take advantage of a bigger market share. The second problem of JWT China is â€Å"their consumers were becoming increasingly individualistic and demanding participants in the marketplace† . This change requires JWT to constantly re-evaluating its channel and advertising approaches for a more sophisticated consumer markets. In the other words, JWT China has to always investigate and learn about their consumers’ trends, cultures. characteristics, wants and needs to meet their changing requirements. III. Key Issues: The foreign company should be careful by making business in China because of the Chinese consumer behavior, their history and culture. As a major advertising agency, JWT should be very careful with the multinational commercials in order to avoid the conflict and have a positive impact. Since  Chinese consumers can be characterized as very highly traditional, their culture and history should be taken in high considerations. As one of the major companies on the Chinese market, JWT is able to quickly and easily secure its great market share and major role on the market. However, as there is a problem with Chinese income gap, the company should try to target cheaper goods and services, which can bring more profit and advantages. By using marketing and advertising strategies for more affordable products, JWT will explore different segments of Chinese consumers; it will affect them and will bring the positive impact over itself. Although China is the fastest grow country and has a great ability of inventing the new technology, adopt the new and transform its traditional media understanding to the new media, TV, newspapers and radio still have the greatest impact over the Chinese population. Having in mind, every second person of China uses computer and internet; Chinese consumers are not willing to adopt the new advertising media as a primary source. Using the data from some research we can say that China is a country without a middle class. Because of the difference in the social status of Chinese, there is a significant problem- how to find and determine that middle class. The government also has a great impact over the advertising agencies in China. The law has some regulation for advertising contents, and prohibits some wordings that are not appropriate for the Chinese consumers. Advertising agencies in China were subject to the Advertisement Law of People’s Republic of China. Dealing with local clients also is a challenge for JWT compared with foreign clients since it is difficult to convince the local ones to implement advertising strategies that had long-term brand vision instead of focusing solely on quick returns. In addition, it is harder to develop the loyalty of local clients, which leads to a shorter relationship between JWT and local clients. IV. Advantage and Disadvantage Advantage: – JWT China is one of the largest integrated communications companies in China, and their Shanghai office become the largest creative center of the company. It means they have a big market share and their brand has already established securely in Chinese’s eyes. In addition, being a pioneer in  marketing and communications industry mean JWT China has the advantage of a trend setter and a wide spreading image. – JWT China has built a strong team which is diversified, talented and creative. It ensures they will manage the growth and competition in a quick, effective and creative method. From their recruiting and training processes, JWT nurtures leadership skills and creativity and talent of its employees as its powerful assets. – JWT China operated as a multinational company. This brings them the chance to be transparent and product-oriented work environment under excellent international leadership. – JWT China optimizes its services by synergize th e Team JWT â€Å"solar system†, including JWT Shanghai, Always, Glendinning and RMG Connect. This powerful team allows JWT China to manipulate the nationwide smart promotion management network. It also enhance JWT China to adapt with various demands and changes from different level of clients. Disadvantage: -Based on Chinese culture and media understanding, JWT could have some problems with staying at the top in advertising world. First we can say that China was considered as an â€Å"old media† market. Although, every family member owns a personal computer, Chinese consumers do not rely on Internet commercials. In China, television, radio and newspapers are still predominant. If the company continues to develop print and TV ads it will have a great success. On the other hand, if the company starts to work more on Internet advertisements and leave the standard commercials behind, it will not be able to continue establishing a good and profitable business in China -.With China being such a vast and diverse place with various tiers, and customs and values of people differing from province to province; thus, it requires a variation approaches to be successful. JWT China, as a big enterprise, may have disadvantage in quickly adapting and customizing to each specific consumer’s cultures and interests in regards of disparity of region and income. – Along with the mentioned culture difference, JWT will need more time and effort to understand the sophisticated difference between Chinese and Western, compared to domestic or local agencies who operated by entirely Chinese people. V. Conclusion/ Outcome The future of JWT in China will eventually lead to expansion and growth to meet with the fast growing China’s economy. However, to keep their pioneer position in China advertising industry, JWT has to solve many arising concerns regarding the conflicts among JWT’s different disciplines within their company. They also have to find an efficient strategy to win over their domestic competitors regards of scales, market shares and client’s relationships. In addition, although JWT China already possessed a deep understanding of Chinese’s cultures and history in the past , they still need to focus on any hidden and sophisticated changes reflects the social-economy changing. In conclusion, the future for JWT China is promising, but there are many challenges and difficulties to overcome.

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Nature of Management - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 398 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/09/16 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Nature of Management 1. Universality: Management is an universal phenomenon in the sense that it is common and essential element in all enterprises. Managers perform more or less the same functions irrespective of their position or nature of the organization. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Nature of Management" essay for you Create order The basic principles of management can be applied in all managerial situations regardless of the size, nature and location of the organization. Universality of managerial tasks and principles also implies that managerial skills are transferable and managers can be trained and developed. . Purposeful: Management is always aimed at achieving organizational goals and purposes. The success of management is measured by the extent to which the desired objectives are attained. In both economic and non-economic enterprises, the tasks of management are directed towards effectiveness (i. e. , attainment of organizational goals) and efficiency (i. e. , goal attainment with economy of resource use). 3. Social process: Management essentially involves managing people organized in work groups. It includes retaining, Developing and motivating people at work, as well as taking care of their satisfaction as social beings. All these interpersonal relations and interactions makes the management as asocial process. 4. Coordinating force: Management coordinates the efforts of organization members through orderly arrangement of inter-related activities so as to avoid duplication and overlapping. Management reconciles the individual goals with the organizational goals and integrates human and physical resources. 5. Intangible: Management is intangible. It is an unseen force. Its presence can be felt everywhere by the results of its effort which comes in the form of orderliness, adequate work output, satisfactory working climate, employees satisfaction etc. 6. Continuous process: Management is a dynamic and an on-going process. The cycle of management continues to operate so long as there is organised action for the achievement of group goals. 7. Composite process: Functions of management cannot be undertaken sequentially, independent of each other. Management is a composite process made up of individual ingredients. All the functions are performed by involving several ingredients. Therefore, the whole process is integrative and performed in a network fashion. 8. Creative organ: Management creates energetics effect by producing results which are more than the sum of individual efforts of the group members. It provides sequence to operations, matches jobs to goals, connects work to physical and financial resources. It provides creative ideas, new imaginations and visions to group efforts. It is not a passive force adopting to external environment but a dynamic life giving element in every organization.