Thursday, January 30, 2020

The childrens hospital impatient pharmacy Essay Example for Free

The childrens hospital impatient pharmacy Essay My next site visit was in the childrens hospital impatient pharmacy . It was so exciting for me since it was my first hospital visit . It was so exciting to experience a different type of pharmacy practice since I am considering that my future job be at a hospital pharmacy. I showed more interest here compared to the other practices that I have attended. I started my first visit to the site on the 13th which is a Thursday. The first day, I was taken by my GPS to a totally different address. Lucky for me that I exited the school a little sooner than usual so I had enough time to look for the hospital. It was not fun looking for the right way to the hospital fro m my lost location especially that I am not a good driver under stress. To put the story, I got to my site visi on time. Thank God! It was totally new work, yes—I mean the hospital . Wow! All the doors to the pharmacy needs a special pass code. After I entered the pharmacy, I introduced myself with the preceptor who was not the same person that was introduced to me from the school. She explained how the whole fully automated pharmacy system functions. I should admit that I did not understand half of the things she said. It was like I was in a totally new world. A world that is half free of human help—distributing medication was through the help of an automated machine. My preceptor introduced me with the staff in the pharmacy. It was such a big pharmacy that was combined with parental and compounding pharmacy which provided the need of the hospital for any medication . Karen, my preceptor showed me the actual work around the pharmacy. She explained to me the system of drug delivery around the hospital. For each section of the hospital, a machine for dispensing drugs is mounted. It is equipped with a computer that is accessible for all hospital personnel. The pharmacist would enter the prescription on the computer system and the nurse would get the medication directly from the machine. This machine, the Medline also allow the nurse to return the medication if necessary. These machine are being refilled by the technicians 2 times every 24 hours. The pharmacy also designed a delivery tube that could deliver the prescription to and from any place in hospital. The delivery system is fast, free and accurate. After my brief introduction to the hospital and the medication delivery system, my preceptor assigned me to look for the expired medicines from the stock. It was much more medication than what the other pharmacies have on their shelves. I basically spent the rest of my first visit and second visit identifying the expired medication. It allowed me to see the individual medication through my own eyes and it helped me learn faster. On my third day, I was introduce to the out patient pharmacy of the hospital. It runs basically the same way as any other retail pharmacy that provided the out patient with their medication. It was so interesting for me to try different types of pharmacy experience. I always pictured myself with a pharmacy where the technicians count the pills and the pharmacists that check them. But now, I could see a whole new feature. A feature that is faster and a lot more accurate in dispensing medication. The best system that I experienced in this hospital would be the feature of the pharmacy . Looking at the whole system one more time, this system could be convenient for city .The automated dispensing machine replaces the retail stores.

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